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25 May, 2017

Your event is likely to be a significant investment for you, and by filming the event, you can be sure to drive additional value from this, crystallising key messages and capturing key moments forever. You can also extend the reach of your event to a wider online audience, wherever they may be in the world.

Single or multi-Camera Filming
Real Time Events regularly film events using either single or multi-camera rigs, and this depends on the size of the event and the way you want to use the footage. There are many ways to film an event and we will advise you on what is right for you and the benefits of multi-camera recording.

Cascade Presentation Media
Once your event has been filmed, your presentations can be recreated in their entirety.  Combining video footage of speakers with their supporting slides and videos. This is an excellent way to cascade your presentations on to a wider audience or perhaps to make available selected information, tuned to specific audience needs, This material can be distributed either on DVD, USB memory stick, via a web page or video podcast.

On-site Editing
Quick turn around is often the key to maximising the value of video recording. Real Time Events provides on-site editing for these occasions allowing us to film during the day and have your completed video ready for screening at your gala evening event.

Live screening
For larger events, live screening also known as IMAG, can be essential for involving the whole audience – especially those towards the back. Live screening will add focus to your speaker presentations and can be vision mixed live between slides and other video material, ideal for making sure all your audience have a high impact experience.

People love seeing themselves on a big screen – even if they don??™t always admit it! Beaming a gala event, celebration awards guests or partying straight to screen always adds a frisson of excitement to the evening and by recording this, you can capture the atmosphere forever.

Live Streaming
Real Time Events can broadcast your business presentations live around the world, either through the venues internet connection or via mobile data links. If you need more than one venue linked up, this is no problem and if you need two-way communication between venues, again this is all possible. There is a multitude of ways to broadcast live and the Real Time Events management team will advise you on appropriate ways to achieve your aims.

Event Highlights
Maximising your investment is crucial to any organisation. Once your event has been filmed, it is a simple matter to bring together all the highlights of your event incorporating presentations, key delegates, VIPs, entertainment, awards and celebrations into a single event highlights video. Depending on the style and content of the video, this can be invaluable for sales and marketing training, internal communications, external communications or public relations.

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